The scope of this project includes completing a Major Drainageway Planning (MDP) study and Flood Hazard Area Delineation (FHAD) study for the previously unstudied tributaries to Cherry Creek. Urban Drainage Flood Control District (UDFCD) engaged Dewberry | J3 to conduct this study, which incorporates the following sponsors: City of Aurora, Arapahoe County, and Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (SEMSWA). The project will study at least five tributary basins, including Joplin Tributary, Chenango Tributary, Valley Club Acres Tributary, one unnamed tributary that flows directly to the reservoir, and one unnamed tributary that flows to Cherry Creek near the intersection of Parker Rd. and Long Ave. Additional tributaries may be added during this project.

The purpose of this study to analyze the existing and future floodplain delineation, assess stream functionality, and develop a set of alternatives and plans that will maintain the ecological health of the reach and address existing and future flooding and erosion concerns. The drainage basin is nearly fully developed except for Cherry Creek State Park land and the proposed King’s Point development northeast of E-470 and Parker Rd. Except for Cherry Creek State Park, existing land uses largely consist of residential and commercial areas. 

The four phases of the MDP study are to 1) assess baseline hydrology, 2) create a FHAD, 3) conduct an alternatives analysis, and 4) formulate a conceptual design. Project goals include: 

· Update hydrology in the basin,

· Identify existing flooding and drainage issues,

· Obtain and consider input from the public, stakeholders, and sponsors for feasible alternatives,

· Recommend conceptual stormwater conveyance, high functioning and low maintenance stream corridors, and detention improvement measures.


Chenango Tributary and Cherry Creek (May 10, 2018)